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Our services
  • A. Preview / Home finding

    Arrange hotel / temporary accommodation

    1. Provide description and pictures (if possible) of properties listed to those house hunting

    2. Negotiate rental costs and signing the leasing contract

    3. Arrange or assist telephone installation, utility services, satellite/cable and internet connection

  • B.Setting-in / Integration Assistance

    4. Conduct move-in inspection

    5. Provide orientation / community familiarization of new neighborhood, including shopping facilities, grocery shopping, restaurants and hospital / clinic

    6. Provide on-going management / support, coordinate and manage all sub providers’ activities related to rented property

    7. Coordinate furniture and appliance lease/purchase

    8. Explain Recycling / Waste Management system

    9. Demonstrate and explain usage of washing machine, drying machine, dishwasher, boiler and other appliances

    10. Provide a list of useful / emergency numbers

  • C. Move out

    11. File notice for lease cancellation/termination and return of security deposit / month rent

    12. Coordinate cancellation of rental furniture lease and removal

    13. Coordinate disconnection of utilities, phone, cable, etc.

    14. Coordinate final bill payments

    15. Negotiate dilapidation costs with landlord

    16. Conduct/Complete pre move-out inspection to return to landlord

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