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Area Orientation


Being one of the most popular housing areas among expatriates, it is packed with international restaurants, bars, and clubs. Known as one of the foreigners’ favorite nightspots, in this mixed cultural district you will find Itaewon market which is recognized as a great place for tourists to shop, eat, and party. It is easily accessible and most of the friendly neighbors speak English. Up the hill there is the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Namsan Park and Namsan Mountain, where people can enjoy a course designate for jogging. The U.S. Military Post and YISS (Yongsan International School of Seoul) are also situated here. A short drive will get you to the Millennium Hilton Hotel, Namdaemun market and the Myeongdong shopping area.


Located between Itaewon and the U.N. Village, several high ranking Korean officials and foreign ambassadors live around this area, being only twenty minutes away from City Hall, Soonchunhyang Hospital and the Deutsche Schule Seoul International (DSSI), Global Christian School (GCS), Early Children Learning Center (ECLC), English School and St. Franciscan School. School bus services are available to most foreign schools.

UN village

Developed primarily for foreigners, this area, which sits alongside the Han River, is securely guarded, clean and quiet. Located on a hill, the views from the newly renovated houses, luxurious villas and fine quality apartment complexes are beautiful. The German School is across the U.N. Village and the nearest subway station is Oksu (#335, orange line no.3).


With numerous foreign embassies, Dongbinggo-dong is recognized as a diplomatic area where many ambassadors reside. The Capital Hotel is nearby and there is easy access to City Hall, downtown through Namsan Tunnel and to Gangnam through Banpo Bridge. All foreign schools provide bus services here.


Housing here is mostly high-rise, spacious and exclusive apartments such as Trumpworld, City-park, Park-tower, LG Hangang Xi and so on. It is easily accessible to Yongsan Family Park and Han River Park. Nearby there is the Yongsan station where the KTX train can take you through the countryside.


This suburban area, located north of Gyongbok Palace, has relatively large single houses. Free from traffic and around 15 minutes away from downtown (through Samcheng Tunnel), hilly and wooden Seoungbuk-dong is highly recognized as the traditional luxury village that ambassadors and executives of foreign companies like to live in. Surrounded by the Buk-ak mountain and bordering Samcheng Park, this outstanding living environment will provide a quiet atmosphere and clean air for you to enjoy.


Located in the northern part of Seoul, this quiet and comfortable residential area is made up mostly of single houses with private gardens. The greatest advantage is that it is within walking distance of Bukhansan National Park. It is 5 km away from the Swiss Grand Hotel, 8 km from the Seoul Foreign School and downtown and 20km away from Kimpo Airport. Free from traffic and pollution, this area boasts of natural beauty with great views.


In this prestigious residential area, on the northwest side of Seoul, many expatriates with children reside. Both the Chinese School and The Seoul Foreign School are located here. Single houses are common and there is a missionary-owned foreigners’ townhouse compound next to the Seoul Foreign School. Severance Hospital, Sincheon district (Yonsei University) college students’ entertainment area, are also nearby. It is quite isolated compared to other regions and the Seoul International School is about an hour and a half away, but almost all school buses have access to Yeonhee-dong.


After the French School moved to this area, a French community has emerged in Bangbae-dong. There are many western-style houses and apartments in this neighborhood. Even though traffic is a problem, foreigners tend to like it because public transportation is convenient and accessibility to downtown is good. The Marriott Hotel, Central City Shopping Mall, Express Bus Terminal, St. Maria’s Hospital, and the National Library are around the area. School bus service, available to Seoul Foreign School and Seoul International School, takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Gangnam Area

South of Han River, the modern and upscale Gangnam is composed of Apgujeong-dong, Cheungdaom-dong, Nonhyeon-dong, Seocho-dong, Yangjae-dong and Yeoksam-dong. This commercial area, where the COEX Exhibition Center, ASEM Tower, Intercontinental Hotel, Novotel Ambassador (Gangnam), Olympic Main Stadium and many different department stores are located, has gradually been developing as a business centre. The greatest advantage is the convenient public transportation that connects you throughout the whole city. Even though modern style housing is available, traffic jam during the busy hours is certainly the main reason people dislike living around here.

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