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Useful Information Website in and around Seoul, Korea

This website provides you with useful information on Seoul specifically aimed at foreign visitors. Furthermore, Seoul City Hall, who is the provider of this site, is recognized as being the most reliable source of updated information. Here you will also be able to find information on support centres for foreigners, places of residence, work, education, leisure, medical services, community, transportation, travel, business and the history of Seoul.

This website is more focused on providing information on travel, restaurants, accommodation and shopping facilities in Seoul.

The Seoul Global Centre is the only one-stop service organization in Korea to provide support for foreigners. This Centre offers an expert service to foreigners, advising them on how to conduct successful business activities and have a comfortable living experience, as well as helping them to enjoy the local culture to the full.

This site offers not only general information on Seoul but essential information for travelers such as accommodation, food, culture, shopping, events and festivals.

This is a useful site for foreigners who live in Youngsan-gu. This will guide you through administrative information, exact location on the map, general information on medical centres and education.

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